Creatures of the Four Kingdoms

Rocs ( Basic Stats ) The royal mount. These birds are powerful, graceful, and the symbol of power and authority. Rocs make life-long bonds with their riders and are intelligent, loyal companions.

Scarecrows ( Basic Stats ) Scarecrows are found in the Northernmost mountains. Their shapes differ depending on its rider. A scarecrow takes the form of the rider’s darkest drive (that which motivates the rider). There are seven common forms scarecrows are found in: Wrath, Pride, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Lust, and Gluttony. Scarecrows are horrific creatures that are deadly because of their unpredictability. Scarecrows in the wild have the basic shape of a ghoul surrounded by a cloud of darkness. Legend has it that if one’s intentions are truly pure (in action and word) their scarecrow will change to a being of pure light.

Flying Boars ( Basic Stats ) Flying boars are primarily used by the monks of The Holy Oren Kingdom. These boars are graceful and powerful, though seldom used for fighting.

Vermillion Bird ( Basic Stats ) It takes a truly powerful bond to ride a Vermillion Bird. Not only because the bird my throw you off, but because during flight the bird is literally on fire. Only the bird’s master can ride without being burned.

Hippogriff ( Basic Stats )

Drakes ( Basic Stats )

Creatures of the Four Kingdoms

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